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Quick Facts

  • What do you do in your free time?
    Make various miniature things, read, take pictures of my rocks, scour the internet for the best stationery
  • Where do you get your inspiration from?
    The Richmond Symphony and the little caterpillar on my desk
  • What is your biggest fear?
    American cheese (no joke).
  • Who is your hero?
    Ranger Rick. He taught me how to be adventurous and to preserve the environment. Everybody should consider this raccoon a hero.
  • What was a lie you were told and believed for a long long time?
    My entire family told me I was born in a duck pond. I thought for a large chunk of my childhood that I was a human born to ducks then raised by humans. Talk about an identity crisis.
  • If you were a fish what kind of fish would you be?
    A stingray, no hesitation. Did you know communicating by biting, shoving, and chasing. I think that sounds ideal!
  • What was the last thing you Googled?
    Why does my cat keep licking the vegetable oil
  • What is your wifi password?
    Gotcha! I'm not giving you my wifi password.

Caroline Hastings

art director

I've always loved to get my hands dirty. From creating recipes from things in the garden as a child to constructing miniature sets as a grown-up child. I was recreating these stories that I pictured in my mind. 

I do consider myself a late bloomer in the realm of creativity. I was the classically trained athlete of the family, while my sister was the artist and musician. I never had the chance to exercise my creative muscle until a career ending sports injury had me redefine myself. Not until recently did I truly rouse my creativity and harness my vivid imagination at the VCU Brandcenter. Now I can't stop. 

And after much digging, I now like to call myself an art director with a sense of craft. Meaning, I'm conceptual and I enjoy bringing a physical element to my projects. I think little Caroline would be thrilled that I got back into imagining and bringing these little stories to life, just not with goop.  

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